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Long gone are the days of hunting with arrows and spears.

The Contaminants Project showed that wild game made up anywhere from 25 - 100% of household meat supply of the community members surveyed within the community and is hunted throughout the traditional territory. A hunting camp at Marshy Lake was established to teach the traditional ways of hunting to the youth

Marshy Lake Camp

Cabins at Marshy Lake Camp
Three cabins at Marshy Lake Camp
Sitting around the hunting camp
Youth sleeping in a cabin
Elders teaching the youth the ways of hunting
Terry in the morning
Young hunters on the move
This is where I shot it
Coming in late with a small buck
Nice 3 point buck
Hanging the catch
Hanging Game
A good hunt of Moose and Deer
Deer skinning
How to dress the game
A very good cutting
Terry and Christen elders and youth and the catch from the hunting camp
Christen, elder and camp cook
Smoking the meat

Game Preparing

Click here to download the video from a community hunting party. (50.4mb)