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Fall River Fishing

The first thing is preparing the fishing spot and equipment being used. Many things must be done before the fishing commences. These would include things such as making the fishing tools and cleaning paths and the area being used. Ceremonial activities such as drumming and prayer songs are also done. Sometimes laying white rocks for better sight of the fish. A key factor is respect for the river, fish, and rocks.

Sonny Gregoire spearing salmon at the Thompson River summer 2006
Sonny Gregoire and Fredrick Jules net dipping summer 2006
Fredrick Jules spearing salmon at the Thompson River summer 2006
Kevin Joe JR. spearing off the rocks of the Thompson River
Right to left: Fredrick Jules, Sonny Gregoire, and Kevin Joe Jr.
Terry Deneault's demonstration of using a gaff to catch salmon
Storefront school learning to gaff salmon at the Thompson River
Terry Deneault and a student gaffing at the Thompson River summer 2006
Salmon caught by Storefront student with gaff at the Thompson River
Seine net being layed out on the beach at the Thompson River Sept. 2006
Net full of salmon caught in Thompson River Fall 2006
Skeetchestn members working with others for small commercial fishing

There are a few methods that were really well used to catch fish in the rivers. The Up'ske7 (Gaff hook) is a main fishing technique used by our ancestors as well as generations today. There are many different styles of a gaff. With this technique of fishing it is said that you can pick and choose which fish you wish to catch. The gaffing technique is usually used where the water of the river is calmer. The gaff is held in the rivers edge. When a salmon comes along over the hook the user pulls the pole back out of the water and the hook should pierce the side of the fish and would be pulled out of the river attached to the hook.

Information Provided by Councilor Terry Deneault